Bye Bye Bayreuth - Hej Hej Lund


Last Sunday, after over 10 years in Bayreuth, I packed the remaining stuff in my car and hit the road north, the destination: Lund in Sweden. How this happens? Well to make a long story short; I just started a new job as a research engineer with Swedish ICOS. I have to admit that the direction feeds wrong as it puts a huge distance between the Alps and me. But the job sounded interesting and the people are nice here. So I had to give it chance even though I would have not believed it myself  a year and a half ago.

The drive took forever as I totally forgot about the extended weekend! Everybody was heading home on Sunday. After 11 hours in the car I stopped close to Copenhagen and put up my tent.  I was almost there just an hour of driving left but to tired to go on. 

So Monday started out quite busy, driving to Lund, meeting Anders my new boss at 9 o'clock, the usual fika (Coffee break) at 10 and the first day of the intensive Swedish class at 1 pm...

The program of this week was going on quite busy, although I didn't do a lot in the office. Mostly I was handed around to meet people, get access for a thousand things, swedish class and so on...

Further I'm still homeless, but luckily Theo's WG is letting me sleep in their big living room! Thanks a lot!

Before leaving Bayreuth I spend a weekend out climbing with a whole bunch of people from Bayreuth and also Alena came up from Regensburg. 

Karl, Alena, Winnie, Frank, Fabian, Jan and I stayed out two days with a great night in a big cave. During the climbing days we were also joined by Steven, Wesley, Tassilo, Anna, Julia and Max!

Thanks for the great farewell!

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