Walking on the edge

After quite a long time I finally updated this page and of course I not only want to change the design. Therefore I will also write some lines about some action which happen during this summer. Unfortunately it was not so much as I hoped for.

During spring there was a lot of climbing action going on, and I will upload some picture later for noe just visit Dr. Raf's blog!

So what has this to do with walking on the edge? Well I chose this title since I want to tel you about 2 trips which were basically jsut that. First one was a 5 day trip to Berchtesgraden, including the tour over the Watzmann. And the second one was a planned in, over and out tour over th Jubiläumsgrad.

Some facts about the Watzmann-Tour:


- great tour in June with perfect weather!

- great group! Thanx to Tassilo and Basti!

- good 12h training tour included for the secound trip ;-)  (Watzmann Hütte-Ingolstätter Haus)

- 3 more nice "active recovery" days, including Saalfelder Höhenweg and Schönfeldspitze



Some facts about the Jubiläumsgrad-Tour:

- advanced trip planing (Was it Monday or Tuesday, Sevi?)
- planned: cable car up to Zugspitze, than climb/walk Jubiläumsgrad, Alpspitz Ferrata down and cable car down from Osterfelderkopf, drive home got to Lara's farewell party!
- well, it turned out to be a very hard tip since we missed the cable car on the way down so that we had to walk back to the cars (total 13h)
- but still a great trip and with a nice crew!


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