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I want to start out this gear test section with a report about the "Patagonia" costumer service but first I have to spend soe sentences on stetting the scene.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get of my bike in a quite unconventional way right over the handle bar. I was able to cushion the fall by rolling over my shoulder onto my backpack so that i didn't really hurt myself. Besides some scrapes and bruises I was fine, but my only 8 month old Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket was torn on my right shoulder. I probably could have gotten some patches to cover it up but since Patagonia is advertising its "Common Threads" Initiative, in which they ask their customers to reduce, repair, reuse and recycle their gear, I gave it a shot and asked the customer service if it is possible to get the jacket repaired. 

I was first quite skeptical due to the length of the cut of about 10cm. But I was asked to send it to Portugal to the repair shop, which did cost me 7€. After only one week I got the jacket back, nicely sealed at the shoulder!  Wow, one week repair time and the whole thing just cost me the 7€ for the shipping of the jacket.

I think that the expansive functional outdoor gear should be in some ways repairable but I have to admit that I'm quite impressed that Patagonia didn't charge me anything for it.

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