Some more snow and ice action

Ski tour in Garmisch, Spitzing See, Oberjoch & Ice climbing in Gefrees

We have finally started with some ski tour action! At first we had planned to start out with the first weekend in Januray right after the ice climbing but it was way to warm, at least in the lower reagions. But we used the time to purchse some new gear! So we were quite exited to start out on the secound weekend in Januray and drove down to Garmisch. Planned was an easy tour up on the Wank, which is a short tour and quite save from avalanches. But there was still no snow in the lower part...

Since it is no fun to carry the ski gear around we turned around and did a test tour within the ski resort. On Sunday we went to the Spitzing See region and we were rewarded with awsome weather and great snow conditions!We had a great day!


Later on I dropped Martina at the train station and drove on to Oberjoch, Allgäu for a PhD Meeting within our project. 

Me and my new K2 Hardside skis
Me and my new K2 Hardside skis

After a lonely night at the hut (everybody else arrived on Monday noon), I used the free time on Monday morning for a short ski tour up the Wertacher Hörnle and was lucky to find some fine power to further test my new Skis!

The program of the workshop allowed for some hour of skiing in the afternoon, so I could test the skies on the runs of the resort as well as out of bounds! They are really great and perform a lot better than the old ones! We all had a lot of fun skiing meeting people and it was interesting to see how the projects of the others continue and how they are doing with their PhD.

Before driving back I used Friday for some more powder skiing in the resort in the morning and again a small skitour up the Wertacher Hörnle. I meet som lokals who showed me some nice powder loaded run!

Saturday was spend to preapare everything for Martinas trip to Patagonia and on Sunday we went on a small skitour up on the Pröller in the Natinal Park Bavarian Forest.

This weekend I was again out for some ice climbing. This time the ice fall was located close to Bayreuth in an old quarry in the Fichtelgebirge. We were four people from Bayreuth and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately the weather report predicts a warming for the next days so for right now this seems to be the end of the winter action...

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