Boulderrausch or Chasing the sun

Since the weather in November is dominated by fog and overcast, our climbing activities concentrated on indoor bouldering. Nevertheless we tried to chase every glimpse of sun.

Last Wednesday the sky looked blue and the sun was out in Bayreuth. Since it was still quite cold we decided to go Bouldering. We decided to visit the "Freudenmauer" since it is facing south and we to get as much sun as possible. Additionaly Rafael and I had a Project there which we liked  to finish. But a few kilometers down south along the A9 we were back in the fog. Nevertheless it was a great day, since we could climb "Fingerhorror" our project and "Surealis"! more pictures 


The weekend started out fogy again but on Sunday the Fichtelmountains promised sunshine (this time we checked the web cams to be sure). But again we ended up in some fog. Additionally our search for some Boulders was not really successful. Even though we found some marked Boulders we didn't find the spot we intended to visit.

On Monday we were finally lucky to find some sun in the "Frankenjura"



Some more picture from climbing this year you can also find on the homepage from Rafael

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