Back Home!

It is the middle of October already! Well I planned to write a final comment about the time in Lhasa and leaving Tibet as soon as I got home in September. But well that's the way it goes...
I have uploaded some photos from our last days in Lhasa. These days were pretty cool since we had a really good time with Banba! Unfortunately we had to cancel out planned trip to Kailash since the procedure to get a permit was way to complicated.

But nevertheless it feels good to be back home, and now to be able to do what ever I like to do. So I spend most of my free time in September/October to hit the rocks in Frankenjura together with Rafael (Pictures).

I hiked up the Benediktenwand with Martina for a amazing sunrise and a cool Biwak in the small hut close to the summit (Pictures). Afterwards we meet my parents in Kochel am See, which seems to be about the closest place from Dortmund and Bayreuth ;-)   

Martina and I explored Triglav National Park in Slovenia  (Pictures) and spend last weekend with Carsten in the alps again (Pictures). So I think that I made up for not going to Kailash and spend the time well that I gained from returning early from Tibet.

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